Perinatal Loss and Grief Part One: The Pain and the Promise

pp. 110-129Date Published: 31 December 2015

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This annotated bibliography includes a review of twenty-two books and articles on loss and grief related to miscarriage and stillbirth experiences. The literature includes both scholarly articles and personal reflections, surveying social responses to perinatal grief, the usefulness of various assessment tools, and specific perinatal grief responses of various family members. These resources include information for understanding the experience of perinatal loss and recommendations for responses to those who are grieving. While the number of resources and the amount of literature available on this topic has increased in the past fifteen years, there continues to be significant silence in the general culture in response to perinatal death. Nevertheless, the response over the past several decades has been encouraging, especially concerning the role of chaplains in medical settings. The literature suggests that there is still work to do to give voice to the perinatal grief experience and to provide resources for those who experience the painful loss of a pregnancy or infant.